MiniMeters v0.8.1 - Bug Fixes + Improvements

0.8.1 - Bug Fixes + Improvements


  • Spectrum Analyzer/Oscilloscope: Dropped the line width from 2pt to 1.5pt to improve clarity.
  • Oscilloscope: Using the Center (Mono) channel now instead of the Left channel.

Bug Fixes:

  • macOS: MiniMeters properly requests access to your audio devices and can be set to any device again.
  • Spectrum Analyzer: Color Bars now work properly when in channel is set to "Left/Right."
  • Stability: Fixed crash on opening Preferences. Huge thanks to everyone who sent in reports on this one.
  • Linux: Downloads now properly include the VST3 plugin.


MiniMeters-macOS-v0.8.1.dmg 23 MB
Version 0.8.1 May 10, 2022 7 MB
Version 0.8.1 May 10, 2022
MiniMeters-Setup-0.8.1.exe 28 MB
Version 0.8.1 May 10, 2022

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