MiniMeters v0.8.6 - macOS Desktop Audio

0.8.6 - macOS Desktop Audio:

Released: Nov 18, 2022

New Features:

  • macOS: Hurray! MiniMeters can now capture full system audio without the use of external tools. (macOS Ventura or later only).
  • Oscilloscope: Added a Single Cycle mode.
  • MiniMetersServer Plugin: Added support for the CLAP plugin format.


  • MiniMetersServer Plugin: Massively improved performance and reduced latency.
  • Overall: MiniMeters now supports display scaling on Windows.
  • Spectrogram: Performance improvements when on "Sharp" mode.

Bug Fixes:

  • macOS: Correctly re-scan audio devices when opening the Settings pane.
  • Spectrogram: Fixed issues where modules to the right could have visual glitches.
  • Theming: Fixed some color logic so themes should look more consistent.
  • MiniMetersServer Plugin: Now correctly resamples audio to match MiniMeters. Should fix / improve aliasing issues seen when using sample rates other than 44100hz.
  • MiniMetersServer Plugin: Should connect more consistently on macOS.
  • Overall: On Windows closing MiniMeters with Alt-F4 or via the taskbar now works correctly.
  • Overall: Disabled buttons in the module settings panes now show correctly.

Hidden Features:

  • Overall: It is now possible to pass --settings or -s path/to/settings.json on launch.
  • Overall: The 'a' key command to open the debug screen has been changed to CMD/CTRL-D
  • macOS: CMD-R restarts the Desktop Audio Capture option on macOS.

Notes: To download this update head here - Log In and click "Download" under "You own this tool." Or go back to your email where you first got the download link. down.


MiniMeters-macOS-v0.8.6.pkg 24 MB
Version 0.8.6 Nov 18, 2022 7 MB
Version 0.8.6 Nov 18, 2022 7 MB
Version 0.8.6 Nov 18, 2022
MiniMeters-Setup-0.8.6.exe 28 MB
Version 0.8.6 Nov 18, 2022
MiniMeters-demo-Setup-0.8.6.exe 28 MB
Version 0.8.6 Nov 18, 2022
MiniMeters-macOS-demo-v0.8.6.pkg 24 MB
Version 0.8.6 Nov 18, 2022

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