MiniMeters v0.8.4 - Bug Fixes + Improvements

New Features:

  • Themes: New theme Light_Shard from community member "Light Shard."


  • UI/UX: Audio devices are now presented in a scrolling list in the preferences screen.
  • UI/UX: Spectrum's settings are broken into tabs. This will allow me to add more features to this without crowding the settings panes in future versions.
  • UI/UX: Slider values now have a fixed width as to not change the slider size.
  • UI/UX: Improved the Slider experience when typing in a value.
  • Audio Engine: On macOS MiniMeters now supports MOTU audio interface's loopback channel. This fix also allows for drivers where the channels are split into different "streams."
  • Audio Engine: On macOS MiniMeters now uses macOS's built in resampling for use with sample rates other than 44100Hz.
  • Overall: Performance improvements on Intel processors.

Bug Fixes:

  • MiniMetersServer Plugin: Fixed a large number of stability issues.
  • Overall: Fixed a crash on some systems when launching without an internet connection.
  • Overall: Fixed an issue where MiniMeters would deadlock when resizing on some Windows systems.
  • Spectrogram: Fixed issue where audio above a certain volume would show the incorrect color.
  • UI/UX: Fixed wobbly effect when resizing modules.
  • UI/UX: Module minimum size is now programmatically selected based on the width of the tabs.
  • UI/UX: Fixed draw order on some modules where overdraw was possible.
  • Overall: Improved stability when parsing settings file.


  • Audio Engine: Removed buffer size options when using a system audio device. It is now selected automatically based on your driver's buffer size. The option remains when using the MiniMetersServer VST/AU.
  • Overall: Spectrum Analyzer has been renamed to Spectrum.
  • Theming: oscilloscope_secondary has been removed and oscilloscope_bg has been added.
  • Spectrogram: Curve option has been changed to a radio box selector.

Notes: To download this update head here - Log In and click "Download" under "You own this tool." Or go back to your email where you first got the download link.


MiniMeters-macOS-v0.8.4.dmg 24 MB
Version 0.8.4 Sep 06, 2022 7 MB
Version 0.8.4 Sep 06, 2022
MiniMeters-Setup-0.8.4.exe 28 MB
Version 0.8.4 Sep 06, 2022

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