MiniMeters v0.8.11 - Bug Fixes & Improvements

0.8.11 - Bug Fixes & Improvements

Released: Mar 19, 2023

New Features:

  • Spectrum: dB is now shown when clicking on a point in the Spectrum.
  • Spectrum: Added "Threshold Follows Scope" option to display flat dB guide line even if a slope is set.

MiniMetersServer Plug-In:

  • Overall: Updated to 1.0.6.
  • Windows & macOS: Plug-In now includes a button to open MiniMeters if it does not appear to be open.


  • Windows: Fixed rendering issues exclusive to Intel Graphics on Windows.
  • macOS: MiniMeters will no longer show a black border around MiniMeters when using Dark Mode.
  • Audio Engine: Inf/NaN values going into MiniMeters will no longer cause graphical glitches.
  • Overall: Demo version now shows the option for all modules without allowing them to be enabled.
  • Overall: Small FFT performance improvements on macOS.

Bug Fixes:

  • Overall: Demo version no longer crashes at launch 🙈.
  • macOS: When MiniMeters is full-screened tooltips will no longer cause new desktops to be made for each tooltip.
  • Audio Engine: Should be more reliable when using Sonarworks SoundID as an audio input on macOS.
  • Overall: Fix the "Plug-In Buffer Size" text not scrolling correctly in the Settings screen.
  • Windows: Turned off High DPI support as the new default since it has been causing quite a few problems. You can reenable it in the "settings.json" file.

Nerd Stuff:

  • macOS: Hidden Setting no_shadow which disables the window shadow now available in the "settings.json". Future versions will have a visible setting for this.
  • Overall: Launch parameter -d or --audio-device allows for the selection of audio device prior to launch. Used internally by MiniMetersServer v1.0.6 to launch with the correct audio options.

I am actively working on v1.0 of MiniMeters. While I am prepping for the v1.0 release I am mainly going to be doing bug fix updates only. v1.0 will address many of the large feature requests and make large improvements to the UX/UI for MiniMeters. I appreciate the patience. :) - Joe

Notes: To download this update head here - Log In and click "Download" under "You own this tool." Or go back to your email where you first got the download link.


MiniMeters-macOS-v0.8.11.pkg 24 MB
Version 0.8.11 Mar 19, 2023 7 MB
Version 0.8.11 Mar 19, 2023 7 MB
Version 0.8.11 Mar 19, 2023
MiniMeters-Setup-0.8.11.exe 28 MB
Version 0.8.11 Mar 19, 2023
MiniMeters-demo-Setup-0.8.11.exe 28 MB
Version 0.8.11 Mar 19, 2023
MiniMeters-macOS-demo-v0.8.11.pkg 24 MB
Version 0.8.11 Mar 19, 2023

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